Monday, October 21, 2019

What Exactly Is Electronic Music essays

What Exactly Is Electronic Music essays Electronic music comes in all types of forms and speeds. Some forms are Jungle, House, Trance and Techno. Trance music is my personal favorite because of the beautiful melodies and build-ups. Jungle is a form of rap or "break" that has been sped up and mixed with all types of sounds. House and Techno are mostly the same; the only difference being that Techno tends to be harder and have more horn and whistle sounds. All of these forms have to be made or created with some sort of electronic device. You cant use a trumpet to create House, you have to use something that involves wires- whether that be a computer, sampler, turntables or a synthesizer. The Italian Futurist Manifesto was the first group to create a form of electronic music. They made noise boxes and machines that brought into existence the sounds of sirens, horns and whistles. This paved the way for the future of Techno music. It provided the tools that DJs need to incorporate sounds on top of the beat. After the invention of the noise boxes, Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, two composers, introduced sampling, or taking clips of recorded sounds and making a song or new sound, into the world. Shortly after that, other composers started making a sophisticated type of electronic music. Without these people experimenting with noise and the use of sound, we would have never had an idea of dance music today. Keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, turntables and even computers are the backbone of electronic music. A synthesizer is a type of keyboard that imitates the sounds of all types of instruments. When you hook up a synthesizer to a sampler or sequencer, (a machine that makes the drum beats) you can create your own tracks. Usually, DJs like to use analog synthesizers. They prefer these because you can get a more retro sound, like that of the 70s. Other inventions that electronic music incorporate is th ...

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