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Model of Excellence Driven By Excellent HR-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Model of Excellence driven by Human Resource Management of an Organization. Answer: Introduction The role of HR in advancing the macro-goals of the organization is apparent. Therefore, human resource management is adapted to help the organization fulfill the micro goals, and also remove the weaknesses. An analysis of some topics in this research shows the importance of human resource management system for an organization to improve and eliminate the weaknesses at the management level. Human resource management, which emerged in the 1980s, was developed by its advocates as a new side in human forces management at the subsequent stages. Human resource management is a comparative approach to strategic management of key resources of any business, i.e., the human resource management. For achieving the industrial goals by addressing the challenges, human resource management requires a model depending on which the results can help achieve the organizational goals. Model of excellence is a tool that helps evaluate the right path. It also helps the organizations to compare the current si tuations with the desired situation. In this particular context, the research discusses the rules and regulations of AHRI, as provided in the training module, along with the reasons why an HR should utilize the capabilities. Capability adoption Model of excellence on the human resource not serves as a tool to find the weaknesses but also helps find the differences between the strategies of other organizations. It also gives a complete survey of them, investigates the reasons and also shows which one is better than the others (Eghbal 2008). In line with it, the objective of this research is to offer some potential strategies to achieve organizational goals and increase the business growth. Some policies that support the statement are as follows: A strategic architect Business Driven A workforce and workplace designer Discussions on Findings This section begins with a discussion of the best HR policies which will support the Model of excellence in Australia. It also shows the significance of the development of an organization to get sustainability in the competitive market of Australia and around the world. Here are the brief discussions about those findings A strategic architect One of the major terms in strategy analysis architecture is to find a proper strategy to develop a business (Lepak and Snell 1999). It is an area that constitutes a paradigm shift for human resource professionals, which is essential to navigate administrative functions to focus a long term role for a company. When a tactical role gives rise to the perceptions or becomes its source, it has the same implications for the HR function (Ulrich et al. 2009). An excellent strategic architect is also called a master planner for their organization. HR manager in Australia, who plays the role of a strategy architect, gives a clear view of the shape of the organization regarding how it stands in the market place. Moreover, a good strategy made by an HR manager helps overcome the obstacles in the way of company growth. Besides this, it builds a link between the internal procedures of an organization with the needs of external customers. This linkage gives rise to a customer oriented business stra tegy followed by a better sustainability. This factor helps achieve following functions To understand external customers. Provide a clear view of future goals. To implement the new business strategy to survive the market , HR also makes connections with many companies to get the information about its strength and weaknesses using the data of human resource management. Also, HR management system involves technologies to provide e-recruitment, employee tracking systems, performance management software, etc, which enhance the ability of an HR (Kumar and Pandya 2012). As far as my view is concerned, I wholly believe that the use of various technologies will allow an HR to play a strategic role in an organization to achieve future goals. Business Driven The business driven strategHRies enable a human resource manager to explore the purpose and implication of Strategic HR; it enhances the ability to address the problems and challenges in the organization through an objective, organic HR lens (Boshyk 2016). Besides, it helps an HR to be more entrepreneurial, adding value in strategic support service. Lastly, it gives a perfect vision to measure and evaluate HR's contribution and adds value to the organization. A business driven strategy helps to achieve the following objectives: It helps implement new strategies as per market needs to increase the customer base and provide a competitive advantage in the market in Australia. According to the government policies and regulations of Australia, HR management team chooses a proper and legal way to resolve all the issues for the expansion of the business. A better social and technological change can be possible through this analysis. It provides a conceptual view of the entire operational process. It also helps understand the qualities of the products. Moreover, it assists a better conception about a place where these goods or services are in demand. Lastly, it helps to find out the potential threat as well as the risks of any organization and gives a proper solution to it. A workforce and workplace designer A work force model is a methodical process that describes a planning process of an organization to ensure that it has the right people at the right time with the right skills. In a broader sense, it describes the whole management system of the work area of an organization (Carnevale 1990). It also includes a tool for making human resource management decisions in future. In a nutshell, an innovative workforce design is all about trying to analyse the future demand for staffs, and it helps match the criteria for them with the needs of an organization. There are several benefits of workforce design are listed below: It can identify the future staffing needs. A retirement strategy can be planned for those employees who are unable to work (Morris and Venkatesh 2000). Staff recruitment costs can be reduced by implementing the right team in the right place and by reducing the number of non-performing staffs. A workforce model makes it easier to underst and the needs of staff development. Australia abounds with skilled personnel. An experienced HR manager is necessary to select the right person for the right ,job. An HR manager, who is aware of the ability of the staff members, can bring an improvement in the performance within a short duration of time by placing the right people in the right job role. Conversely, an improper staffing poses a significant threat to an organization. For example, if an individual with skills in graphic designing works in the writing department, it is virtually impossible for them to serve the purpose as they would not have any knowledge or experience in writing. On the contrary, recruiting the person in graphic design department would help an organization achieve more potential output in at minimum cost, thereby saving the precious time. Conclusion Every science is build up with some people, and HRM is also considered as a part of science (Guest 2002). HRM has some basic principles. Apart from the optimum utilization of resources, and adding strength to an organization, it also creates a perfect business environment and helps the staff realize its full potential. Without an excellent human resource management, no organization can be successful. Firstly HR makes a strategy with the help of an expert and then creates a workforce to achieve the desired goals. With it, an organization can complete its target smoothly in any market with ease and efficiency. Bibliography Boshyk, Y. ed., 2016.Business driven action learning: Global best practices. Springer. Carnevale, A.P., 1990.Workplace basics: The essential skills employers want. astd best practices series: training for a changing work force. Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers, 350 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA 94104. Eghbal, F. 2008. Identify Challenges human resource managers based on European Foundation for Quality Management [In Persian]. In: 8th International conference of quality managers. July 15-16; Tehran, Iran. Guest, D., 2002. Human resource management, corporate performance and employee wellbeing: Building the worker into HRM.The journal of industrial relations,44(3), pp.335-358. Kumar M. D. Pandya S. (2012). Leveraging Technology towards HR excellence. Information Management Business Review. Vol. 4 (4), p205-216. Lepak, D.P. and Snell, S.A., 1999. The human resource architecture: Toward a theory of human capital allocation and development.Academy of management review,24(1), pp.31-48. Mirsepasi, N. 2002. Strategic Management of Human Resources and Work Relations [In Persian]. Tehran: Mir Publications. Morris, M.G. and Venkatesh, V., 2000. Age differences in technology adoption decisions: Implications for a changing work force.Personnel psychology,53(2), pp.375-403. Seyyed Javadein, R. 2004. Management of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources [In Persian]. Tehran: Negahe Danesh Publications. Ulrich D., Brockbank W., Dani J. (2009). adoption of strategy architect in the strategic HR organization. People Strategy. Vol. 32 (1), p24-31.

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Stonehenge Essays (1175 words) - Stonehenge, Henges, Aubrey Holes

Stonehenge Stonehenge Stonehenge, one of the great Seven Wonders of the World, but what do we really know about it. What was its purpose, how was it built and by whom. Many different answers come up when asking the question "What was the purpose of Stonehenge", some say that it was a horrid place, which the Druids used for religious sacrifice, but most others have a more positive idea. A temple of the sun, a Pagan Cathedral, or a holy sanctuary in the midst of blessed ground, or maybe a clock or even a place to Predict Eclipses. No one really knows what it was used for; this is due to a great number of facts surrounding all of these ideas. Many ideas come up when talking about why this great structure was built along with an equal amount on who built it. The Druids is the most common response because the Druids inhabited most of the area in which Stonehenge is built. The Pagans are another common answer to this age old question because of the building structure of Stonehenge how it resembles a Pagan Cathedral. Whoever built Stonehenge, they were an extremely advanced society either on purpose or by complete fluke. Many say that because of Stonehenge's exact solar and lunar alignment. That is was the most common thought is that it was built to predict eclipses for worshiping. The following essay is going to state the facts and myths about the great Stonehenge. By the end of this essay, hopefully a solid conclusion will be found to be the most plausible answer for Stonehenges construction. The moon, it has been a sight for all over time. Back long ago little was none of the reasons for an eclipses, it was thought to be a sing from the gods. In a society which worshiped gods for all the mysteries of the world, the eclipse must have been very special. The builders of Stonehenge must have been marveled at the sight of this holy event, which happened every four years. Most likely the great Stonehenge was built to be a prediction device for the eclipse. Many people have studied Stonehenge and many have found that the stones are mathematically placed to show when and eclipse might occur. "In favor of this solution - that the Aubrey holes were used as a computer ? are these facts: the number 56 is the smallest number that measures the swing of the moon with an over-all accuracy of better than 3 days, and lunar cycles provide the only method of long-range eclipse prediction related to the seasons of the year." So taking in to account that Stonehenge could predict eclipses another thought is that it was just used for predicting the full moon. The full moon meant new life, so perhaps they used Stonehenge for ceremonies to worship new life. Seasons changed, and the people of British Isles had no idea why all of a sudden the weather would begin to change and the day's length increase or decrease. That is why experts say that it was used to predict the winter and summer solstice and the spring and fall equinox. " The earth moves around the sun in an orbit that is nearly a circle, and the axis of rotation of the earth maintains an effectively fixed direction. The orientation of the sun to the two hemispheres of the Earth changes during the year, and this change causes the seasons." Stonehenge was not only, many other sites of similar age or older are linked to Stonehenge. There was the Cursus, and Woodhenge. Cursus "meaning Course in Latin" has similar features, which shows that Stonehenge was not by accident. "Archaeologists think that the inner Woodhenge structure erected after the outlying ditch and bank were placed, probably by the same Secondary Neolithic people who started Stonehenge." Woodhenge, some say it was like a rough draft of the monument, built to exact proportions from which builders could use while constructing the stone version. Another reason for Woodhenge is that it was used for housing for the men who built Stonehenge. With that in mind, you can draw the conclusion that the constructors cared for the people building their structure. To support that theory, objects like pottery and household odds and ends have been found showing us that a few people did live there at one point in time. Back when Stonehenge was built people had no way of telling the time. Perhaps the Druids wished to keep records of events. Stonehenge is said by some to be one widespread sundial, a clock

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Life of a Slave Girl Essay Example

Life of a Slave Girl Essay Example Life of a Slave Girl Essay Life of a Slave Girl Essay Once again we are transported to a time and place that seems so unreal, so utterly hard, that it takes someone who has been there to accurately portray the sights and sounds in a way that allows us to believe it is real. In her book Life of a Slave Girl, Harriet Jacobs describes her life as a slave in South Carolina in the early to mid 1800s. Her account is similar in nature to other slave narratives at the time, but has a different tone to her descriptions of life and death during her time in bondage. Unlike others that tell of extreme punishment and hard labor, Jacobs narrative explores the emotional hardships laid upon her by her master, a man by the name of James Norcom. Norcom is attracted to Jacobs and is constantly battering her with lewd innuendos and moral degradation. He very much wants Jacobs to submit to him, and her struggle against his actions becomes one of Jacobs means of strength and defiance. Another means of strength for Jacobs is her grandmother Molly Horniblow. This woman, who is a freed slave, wants nothing more than to see whats left of her family free to live a life in which they deserve as human beings. Unfortunately she has no right to tell a white slave owner what to do, but throughout the book, she makes her feelings known to Mr. Norcom. When Jacobs becomes pregnant by a white lawyer, Mrs. Horniblow is very disappointed at her granddaughter, but is not privy to the amount of abuse she is receiving from Norcom. Jacobs eventually has two children, and due to the laws of slaves in place, they too become property of the young daughter of Dr. Norcom who is the legal master of Jacobs. Harriet does not want her children to live their life under the fist of another and concocts a plan in which to free her children of bondage as well as herself. To be brief, Jacobs escapes from her masters home one night and over the course of many years, hides out in various locations throughout the town until the time is right to escape for good to the north. By this time both of her children have been purchased by their father, the lawyer, and are currently living in the free states to the north. Jacobs chance to escape finally comes and she is taken by ship first to Philadelphia and then to New York by way of a train. Jacobs takes a job as a nanny of sorts with a family that is sympathetic to her plight as a runaway slave. Family members from her previous master regularly travel to New York in an attempt to track her down and Mrs. Bruce as she is called in the book takes steps in order for her to remain hidden from those looking to return Jacobs to her previous life in bondage. Finally, to put this searching to an end, Mrs. Bruce offers to purchase Jacobs from her master but Jacobs refuses to have someone pay money for her. It would only reinforce her feelings of being viewed as property. Without her knowing Mrs. Bruce, employed a gentleman in New York to enter into negotiations with Mr. Dodge. At first Mr. Dodge didnt take the offer, but finally he concluded that half a loaf was better than no bread and he agreed to the proffered terms (Jacobs, 199). So Jacobs was now officially free, but still felt uneasy about having to be purchased. I had objected to having my freedom bought, yet I must confess that when it was done I felt as if a heavy load had been lifted from my weary shoulders (Jacobs, 200). Through all of the narrative, Jacobs searched for freedom and at last she had obtained it. Unfortunately blacks were still not given many of the freedoms as others and in closing there is a sense that she is not completely over her ordeal of so many years of hardship. It is interesting to note that in her book, Jacobs refers to each individual by a different name than was fact. She refers to herself as Linda Brent, grandmother as Aunt Martha as well as her children Joseph and Louisa as Benny and Ellen respectively. This use of pseudonyms is an interesting facet of Jacobss narrative. Why would she not want to reveal the names of people that had made her life so miserable? She states in the preface that she had no motive for secrecy, but felt compelled to do so anyway. It is as if she had a greater purpose of writing her story than to merely point fingers. One might say that some of the characters in her book are blank spaces to be filled in by many other slaves who experienced a similar fate only by different individuals. In this way Jacobs is trying to tell a story not just of her life, but of the lives of so many that came before her and those who were still bound in shackles. Harriet Jacobs life in slavery can be described as trying. The descriptions she gives of the life she lived makes it hard to imagine how one group of people could sleep at night knowing of the distress and hardship they were placing upon another group of individuals. What is interesting about Jacobs account is the perspective in which she brings to the issue of treatment of slaves at the time. Even though she was not subject to the normal punishment we most often relate to slaves in the south; hard labor, whippings, etc, she tells of another more emotional torment that was placed upon her by the same inhuman system. Jacobs repeatedly describes the harassment she receives from Dr. Norcom. He is constantly trying to get her to submit to his sexual desires. At this time in the south, it was very common for slave owners to impregnate their property as they are commonly referred to. This practice not only fulfilled the masters sexual desires, but it also brought him more wealth from the increase in his slave population. Due to the harsh nature of the demands placed on slaves, replenishing the amount of slaves he had on hand was vitally important. Increasing the amount of slaves one owned was easier to due by just sleeping with female slaves than purchasing more. If the child lived long enough to reach a certain age, they could be sent into the fields to work, or could be sold to repay debts. And even though the father was a free man, the children took the legal status of the mother and so also became property of the father. In Jacobss case, the father of her children was inclined to see that the young ones not be subject to the slavery system. He ultimately sent them to the north and tried to purchase Jacobs as well. It was a rare situation in which the father had nothing financially to benefit from his actions, but was simply doing what others refused to do. And that was treating fellow human beings as human beings. Jacobs tale of toil and hardship makes one thankful for the freedom that we so often take for granted. Her story speaks of the good and bad of human nature and forces us to think about the times in our countys past that most would like to forget. It also tells of the spirit to live and to be free when it seems as if every step you take might be your last. The fight of good vs. evil is something that might never go away and Jacobs narrative is only one slice of a struggle that has been around since the dawn of man, yet it reminds us not to forget those that have struggled for ideals that seem so common place in todays world.

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Information systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Information systems - Essay Example For Aalsmeer Flower Auction the first thing that needs to be done is to analyze and obtain the information requirements for the auction site. In order to do this they must first device a strategy for information gathering. An information strategy is defined as the process for capturing, integrating, processing, delivery and presentation of information in a constituent in a timely manner (Majid, 2007). Thus, information and requirements gathering forms the foremost and the most important part of the development process. The first step in gathering information is to conduct user surveys and a companywide review so that the development team can gain a better insight on the problem domain and the kind of solution it requires (Hansen et all, 1999). The development team will conduct meetings with the board of Aalsmeer flower auctions to determine what kind of auction strategy they will follow and what key features will be needed in the end product. The case study requires us to develop an online auction for buyers and sellers to interact, place orders, set prices and then receive goods through a distribution channel. Aaslmeer has to record the data for the financial transactions, customer details, distribution channels and ratings for individual customers and suppliers. The prices in the online auction will be set using the demand and supply mechanism. Buyers will bid on the products and sellers will determine the best the bid and then sell the products to the highest bidder. The auction will start off with a base price, which is then increased consequently when buyers bid on the product. The bidding process ends after a stipulated time and the highest bid becomes the selling price. The prices of different products will be stored in a database. The prices will usually follow world prices for flowers and related products, which

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Mitosis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Mitosis - Essay Example Cell division is a basic phenomenon of life in living organisms. It is known that the process of cell division, irrespective of the animal species, remains invariably the same. It is here that we comprehend that despite being the different in their outward appearance this basic phenomenon invariably remains the same. In byline, the author of the article, Daniel Needleman, has said that experimentation has been able to understand the difference that exists in this cell division phenomenon among the animals. This difference is found out to reside on the chromosomal and molecular level rather on higher level view. This difference can also exist even between similar organisms. Over a long period of time, it was known that spindle fibers that segregate chromosomes during cell division show great variation in size and shape, but the underlying reason was not discovered. Experiments have shown that the embryos that undergo the process of division, after repeated division cycles, considerabl y reduced in size and so did the spindle sizes. The experiments conducted on organisms like mouse have revealed many facts yet it has been difficult to ascertain any explicit cause to the phenomenon. Thus, another aspect that is attributed with the change is the change in biochemistry during the course of cell division. To infer a proximal result of the obvious phenomenon, a causative analysis is used as help. Cellular biology research has, therefore, evaluated a relationship during the course of development, between protein and phenotype. ... This experiment is multistage causal analysis procedure (Wilbur and Held). Embryos are subjected to tests during different stages of their development. It revealed that the change in size of spindles was not caused by division rather it was related to the state of cytoplasm. This in turn puts a question mark on how cytoplasm produces such change. To answer this question a categorization of the same microtubules was made. Early stages revealed less de-polymerization or catastrophe to these microtubules, as compared to those in the late stages. This revelation through stag-wise analysis did not reveal the true picture that could be able to answer above mentioned questions. Varying lengths of microtubules during the de-polymerization cannot be understandable reason. Later Wilbur and Heald used another approach to understand the size variation of spindles. Cytoplasm and its effects on elementary protein structures of spindles were analyzed. Proteins responsible for microtubule catastroph ies in different extracts were identified as Kinesin-13 and Kif2a. Kif2a was thought to be the reason of change in spindle sizes but extracts have revealed that concentration of this type of proteins remains constant during all stages of development. A co-existing phenomenon of importin-alpha attaching to the membrane or leaving the cytoplasmic area caused kif2a to be more active, that in turns increases microtubule catastrophy rates. (Wilbur Heald, 2013) Suggestion about this mechanism is perhaps understandable with the help of biochemistry, as with change in size due to successive divisions cause greater surface to volume ration than in larger cells. The only point in this understandable phenomenon is that why importin-alpha tends to be sequestered with the cell membrane

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Criminal Justice and Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Criminal Justice and Law - Essay Example Mosaic Law forms a major core of interpretation of earlier criminal justice. Mosaic Law is implicit in the foremost five books of the Bible (Walklate 2007, p. 15). These laws were referred to as the Torah by the Jewish. It is discernible that the Ten Commandments have formed the core of notable law systems in the western world. In the Mosaic Law, crime was equated to sin thereby making a crime a sin against God. Besides, the Exodus concept of eye for eye meant that punishment could be in tandem with the crime that a person performed. In the 18th century, individuals perceived criminals, in England, as courageous and heroic. Criminals shared significant celebration in the popular culture thereby making crime a significant concern. Before the advent of police officers, prosecution of criminals was majorly in the hands of the victims. Punitive measures for crime were extreme forms of torture that could entail death. In 1764, Cesare Beccaria wrote a book regarding crime and punishment wh ich was also the same title. The book summarized its idea in the statement that highlighted certainty as more vital than severity in punishment. In addition, he invented the idea of severity to crimes that ranged from the least to the most serious. In turn, punishments could range from the least to most severe. Classical criminology This is an approach to criminal justice and the legal system that arose during the 1700’s Enlightenment age. Philosophers, such as Cesare Beccaria, Jeremy Bentham and John Locke employed the social contract theory to explain why individuals commit crime and how communities mitigate crime (Levinson 2002, p. 56). It is crucial to comprehend the context in which this concept was borne. In the enlightenment age, many European nations were changing radically as they emerged from feudal monarchies and reformed their laws. In Europe law was majorly inconsistent as legal officials and judges lacked extensive training. In the search, for a more effective a nd uniform justice system, classical criminology became a result. According to the principal ideas about classical criminology, individuals are self-interested and extremely rational individuals. In as much as individual conduct things as regards to their own self-interest, they realize that certain actions conflict with societal and self-interest. This suggests that a society develops a social contract whereby human beings behave according to certain confines and responsibilities as they avoid actions that harm the society. The two main contributors to this concept of criminal justice were Cesare de Beccaria and Jeremy Bentham. By using different philosophical stances, they strove to cut back on the harshness of 18th century judicial systems. Positivist criminology This is a school of criminology thought that employs scientific quantification and objectivity for the measurement of crime. Positivist school divides into psychological, social and biological perspectives (Padhy 2006, p . 89). The positivist school shares some assumptions as regards the concept of rationality, freewill and behavior. Besides, it strives to present the fundamentals of the nature to crime, primary crime motivational factors and reasons for committing crime. As classicism, positivism emerged out of the late eighteenth century that drew towards the early nineteenth century. This thought system was analytic in the sense that it value intelligence and scientific reasoning as a

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Britains Got Talent Program Media Essay

Britains Got Talent Program Media Essay Britains Got Talent (BGT) is a British television series aired on ITV and TV3. The theme of the program involves competition among various singers, dancers, comedians, gymnasts and other type of performers. Four series of the program have been aired till now and the winner of each series got an entertainment and performance contract worth  £100,000 and had the privilege to perform in front of the Queen at Royal Variety Performance. The first series was premiered on June 9, 2007 and concluded with a live final on July 16, 2007. Recently its fourth season has ended on June 5 2010 which was one by a gymnastic group Spellbound. The beauty of the program is that ordinary people with no exposure or reference have the chance to come on stage, participate in the cut-throat competition in front of 3,000 studio audience and at the end of the series the rightful winner gets the chance of performing at Royal Variety Performance. The judges of BGT includes Piers Morgan, Amanda Holden and of course the creator of BGTs format, Simon Cowell who was also the creator of The X Factor and had participated as a judge in American Idol. He is largely believed to be at the forefront of the judge panel. The judges travel to almost all the major cities of UK to record the auditions. The performers have to put a good show in front of the audience and judges to get to the next round, however, if Judges dont like some contestant, he/she will be buzzed out. So artists have to show not only a splendid act but they also have to gain the favor of judges and audience to remain in the show. However, it is the public who ultimately decide s the fate of the performers. Judges usually favor those contestants who are liked by public. When all performances are made than phone lines opens for some time during which audience votes for the performance, they like most. Britains Got Talent programs previous series, semi final and final rounds were aired live on television. Although Simon Cowell is the creator of Got Talent series worldwide, but Britains Got Talent has produced some remarkable artists, the likes of which were never seen before. So far 54 episodes have been shown in four series with durations ranging from 30 to 150 minutes. BGTs fifth series is expected to go live in June 2011. For its fifth series Simon Cowell will not appear as a judge. Simon Cowell will not take auditions, and will only be invited for live shows. The judges that have been selected for Britain Got Talent fifth series are; Kelly Brook, Emma Bunton, Alan Carr, Louis Walsh, Charlotte Church, Louie Spence, and Paul Ogrady. Britains Got Talent has revolutionized the format of talent shows. The extent of popularity of Britains Got Talent can be judged by the fact that it has 734,000 fans on its Facebook page and 18,300 followers on Twitter. Britain Got Talent also earned the credit of introducing Susan Boyle to the world, a 47 year old Scottish artist who sung I Dreamed a Dream from Les Misà ©rables in BGT and got 20million hits on the YouTube video of her performance. She stood second in thirds series of Britain Got Talent, and her performance attracted huge audience from countries across the globe. Dominos Pizza has been the official sponsor of Britains got Talent and it designed special ads to endorse this partnership. Due to its popularity among masses, Britain Got Talent helped Dominos Pizza in increasing its revenues by 14% to  £155million pre-tax profit by 27.8% to  £29.9million for year ended 2009. Chris Moore, CEO of Dominos Pizza seems very pleased with the outcome. He said: Our sponsorship of Britains Got Talent  took on a whole new dimension with the Susan Boyle phenomenon. With viewing figures for the show exceeding everyones expectations, the three-year sponsorship deal proved to be a well-time decision. Britains got talent programs success could also be seen with the fact that is related with its application. It has got more than 200,000 users. According to some statistics, people do not switch channels in the time when Britain got talent program is aired on the TV. In Britain almost every TV program is judged in the light of three typical families. These include the 10% managers and professionals, low paid population, and vast majority in the middle. Britain Got Talent gets most of its popularity from the vast population audience i.e. middle class. Britain Got Talent was nominated for two National Television Awards in the category of Most Popular Talent Show in 2007 and 2008. Since 2007, British got Talent program has been nominated for twenty two times under different groups for awards. It has been successful in wining different awards 9 times out of 22. In 2008, it received an RTS Award  for its technical achievements and four  Nickelodeon UK  Kids Choice Awards. In 2009, i t won Digital Spy Reality Award for Escala for Favorite Reality Contestant. The winner of its first series, Paul Potts and runner-up of its third series, Susan Boyle produced Platinum albums after being provided with the opportunity to showcase their talent in Britain Got Talent. Britain Got Talent provides the aspiring artists with the opportunity to show the world their gifts and hence provides a great platform for the performers who are unable to get ahead otherwise on account of lack of opportunities. We have the example of Susan Boyle, who was 47 years old singer but never thought she would be able to get out of her simple village life and show the world her remarkable talent. While Britains got Talent program had been admired by many people, this program is also subject to criticism by some people. According to them, this program creates bundles of hopes in contestants minds. Contestants have to wait all day just to give auditions of few seconds in front of judges. Their stance is that Britains got talent programs team does not entertain their contesta nts during their wait. Contestants had to wait not just all day but also with hunger and thirst. In addition, some disqualified contestants had complained that judges had been unfair with them during their decisions. The popularity of Britains Got Talent program has convinced many producers of different channels all around the globe to launch similar kind of programs in their own regions. Similar kind of programs that have started after Britains got talent in different countries are American Got Talent, Australia Got Talent, India Got Talent, Worlds Got Talent and many others. American Got Talent is the program which can be benchmarked against Britains Got Talent. The next section of this report draws a comparison between Britain Got Talent and American Got Talent. Both Britains Got Talent and Americas Got Talent are very famous reality shows on TV. The idea behind the shows is same to promote and find the unique and exceptional talent which does not get the platform and chance to promote their selves at national and international level. The format of the both program is almost same like auditions, shows and elimination criteria. Got Talent programs are most watched and liked by the age group of 18 to 50. Got Talent franchise was invented by British and despite that fact Britains Got Talent was not started at that time due to the dispute of the Paul OGrady with ITV and Britains Got Talent was not able to on air and Americas Got Talent was started prior to the Britains Got Talent and broadcasted on NBC. Britains Got Talent is broadcasted on the channel ITV and TV3 Ireland and the show was commenced on June 9, 2007 and on the other hand Americas Got Talent is broadcasted on the channel NBC and it was commenced on 29, June 2006. Simon Cowell is a creator of the Got Talent Franchise and also doing the judging in the Britains Got Talent and also the active creator of the Americas Got Talent but he has been prevented from judging at Americas Got Talent due to the its contract with American Idol. Britains Got Talent is presented by the same presenters since it started in June 2007 whose name are Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly both are collectively and famously known as Ant Dec and Americas Got Talent is host and presented by the different presenter which includes the Nic Cannon, Jerry Springer and Regis Philbin. The total run time of the one episode of the Britains Got Talent is 30 to 150 minutes and Americas Got Talent total duration is 60-120 minutes. Britains Got Talent winning amount is  £100,000 and also the winner of the competition will get a chance to perform at Royal Variety Performance while Americas Got Talent winning amount is $1 million which will be paid to the winner of the competition over the financial annuity of 40 years or the winner can get the lump sum of the present value of that prize. Americas Got Talent has now become more popular than the American Idol and ratings of the program has increased dramatically on the other side Britains Got Talent is the most favorite and watched program in Britain. According to the some surveys people do not switch their channels until program finished. The companion show of Britains Got Talent is Britains Got More Talent which is telecasted on ITV2 and TV3 Ireland to show the behind the scenes footage and emotional responses of the participants after the judges comments on their performance but there is no such a program. There are total four series of Britains Got Talent which include the almost 54 episodes has been broadcasted till 2010 while almost 60 episodes of Americas Got Talent have been broadcasted till 2009 in its 4 show series and 2010 season is continue.