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Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Limited Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Limited - Essay Example Borouge currently has headquarters located in both the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. Worldwide, Borouge has a workforce of 1,600 people, who represent over 40 nationalities and serve customers in more than 50 countries throughout the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region, the Indian sub-continent, and Africa (Company Facts, 2010, p. 5). The company’s vision is simply shaping the future with plastics, while its mission statement is value creation through innovation (Company Facts, 2010, p. 2). Borouge has divided business responsibilities into three departments: Executive Team – Borouge’s Marketing Company, Executive Team – Borouge’s Production Company, and Support Functions. The Chief Executive Officer for Borouge’s Marketing Company is Wim Roels, who is based in Singapore and was only recently handed the role in July of 2011. On the other hand, the Chief Executive Officer for Borouge’s Production Company is Abdulaziz Alhajri, a U AE national who was appointed in the role back in 2007 (Executive Biography, 2008). Borouge has developed four key strategies to help drive the company forward: respect, exceed, create, and focus. Respect is all about caring for the environment and all the people that live in it. The value of exceed promises to go the extra mile and leading by example. The third value, create, demands continuous improvement through encouraging openness and allowing new ideas to flourish. Lastly, focus helps build partnerships with customers by anticipating their requirements and operating the business with strong ethical principles. Social Responsibility As of today, over a billion people can’t drink clean water, and more than twice that number do not have suitable sanitation facilities. Because of this fact, the United Nations set a Millennium Development Goal to cut in half the number of people who do not have access to clean drinking water before the year 2015 (Company Facts, 2010, p. 4). The strategy of this plan was to better manage and preserve the water resources that are already available. In response to this, Borouge created the Water for the Worldâ„ ¢ initiative in 2007. This global programme aims to use local expertise in conjunction with Borouge professionals to help provide suitable solutions for accessing safe water and sanitation facilities. Borouge plans to make a difference through implementing its new technological skills with the home country’s leadership. Products Borouge has developed a wide variety of distinctive products that include water, gas, and industrial pipe systems, medical devices, and automotive components (Bourouge, 2011). In order to give itself a competitive advantage over its rivals, Borouge utilizes Borstar technology to produce high-value plastic products at its modern petrochemical complex, which is situated in Ruwais, Abu Dhabi. This Borstar technology is the key to Borouge’s success because it enables the constr uction of high-performance products that are crucial in today’s modern living (Borouge, 2011). The four key products that are marketed to consumers are energy and communication cables, pipe systems, automotive components, and advanced packaging (Company Facts, 2010, p. 3). For the first line of products, Borouge supplies insulation, semi-conductive, and jacketing to the wire and cable industries. In terms of communication cables, Borouge has the solutions for low, medium, and high voltage energy transmission and distribution cables, data and communication cables, and building and automotive wires (Borealis AG, 2011). The next set of products that Borouge supplies are pipe systems. These systems are used in water and gas

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