Friday, October 18, 2019

Learning Theory Applications Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Learning Theory Applications - Research Paper Example They looked at the major themes in history and let students relate it to their own lives, allowing each student’s culture to be part of the curriculum. Dean and Gilbert took the roles as facilitators during the activity. Students analyzed the information, talked about the text, related it to their personal lives and thus, created meaningful learning experiences in the class. Yvonne Scott used the butterfly project which allowed students to plan among each other their roles based on their interest and strengths. The students created â€Å"departments,† and the class was run like a business/company. Suggestion: Not all students were able to express their ideas, and there were just quite a number who dominated the exchange of opinions. Working in small groups and making sure that everyone speaks at the beginning can encourage more students to participate in the discussion. Avram Barlow recreates the zeitgeist at the time when the laws were created and makes the students put themselves in the shoes of the law makers and civilians, and let them express their opinions and feelings about these laws. Barlow clarifies and rephrases the ideas put forth by the students. This form of feedback validates what they said, and ensures that students that they are listened to. Barlow also makes sure that they stay within the questions and objectives of the discussion. He restates the questions when it appears that they are getting off topic. Shaheen acknowledges students vary in the assistance that they need. He is more confident of students who take notes during discussion and those who take risks. He gave tips on how a student gives feedback and demonstrates how this will be helpful to her peer. Suggestion: Students who are not very comfortable may not initially want to work in groups. Paired work may be given first while gradually moving into small groups. This initially establishes mutual trust and a safe

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