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The Charge of the Light Brigade Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The Charge of the Light Brigade - Essay Example The film was produced by Samuel Bischoff with the association of Hal. B. Wallis as the executive producer. This film did quiet well in the terms of revenue but could only manage to grab the Academy Awards for Best Assistant Director though was also nominated for the Academy Awards for sound and Best Background Score. The Charge of the Light Brigade screened in 1968 is basically a British War Film directed by Tony Richardson under the banner of Wood Fall Film and was produced by Neil Hartley. It was distributed by United Artists and the screenplay was written by Charles Wood and. The film was nominated for six BAFTA film awards but failed to win any of them. One of the unique features of the film was the use of animations by Richard Williams based on the contemporary graphic style of Punch Magazine. The animations were used to portray the political events surrounding the battle. The Charge of the Light Brigade produced in 1936 casted Errol Flynn as Major Geoffrey Vicker, Olivia de Havilland as Elsa Campbell, Patrick Knowles as Captain Perry Vickers, C. Henry Gordon as Surat Khan, David Niven as Captain James Randall. Nigel Bruce and Spring Byington played the role of Sir Benjamin Warrenton and Lady Warrenton, respectively. The other important casts were Donald Crisp as Colonel Campbell, Henry Stephenson as Sir Charles Masefield, G.P. Huntley as Major Jowett, E.E. Clive as Sir Humphrey Harcourt, Robert Barrat as Count Volonoff and J.Carrol Naish as Singh. The plot of the 1936 film, The Charge of the Light Brigade opens up at the fictional city of Chukoti in India. This is the place where the two officers of the army under the British Raj are stationed with the 27th Lancers of the British Army. It was in the year of 1854; the two Majors stationed at the city named Geoffrey Vicker and his brother Captain Perry Vicker are in love with the

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