Monday, October 7, 2019

Brotherhood Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Brotherhood - Essay Example The brotherhood love makes people to share and support each other in times of joy, pain and sorrow. Brothers trust and rely on each other, allowing one to be prepared for all circumstances that might arise. A brother will not permit another to venture into the world or face a challenge when not well prepared. Men offer to join brotherhood groups so that they can improve and help each other. Joining a new country which has a new culture and language was meant to be a major challenge. Adapting to the lifestyle, meals, culture as well as communicating using a new language would prove to be a challenge. This made it necessary to form and join a group of people who face the same challenge. Since Blue Ridge school is a boy’s boarding school, all group members were of same gender. This proved to be a challenge at first but it had its own advantages. Group members could share freely and openly and others would understand and intervene without discrimination. Being a new member of a boy’s boarding school, it was through the intervention of others that adapting and settling to the school routine was made easier. Communication barriers were well bridged by the group members who better understood English. The older members assisted new members in settling in including teaching the new members how to tie a neck tie, which was quite a new experience. It was after spending some time in the institution that the interaction with other students led to meeting with other Korean students. Sharing the same background improved the relationship between these twenty Korean students leading to organized interaction sessions during the school hours reserved for sporting activities. Sharing Korean meals, getting involved in similar activities and studying together made the bond between the group members to be stronger every passing day. Through the intervention of the brotherhood group, I was able to

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