Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Fast Food Restaurants Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Fast Food Restaurants - Assignment Example Therefore, in Fast Food restaurants industry, customer loyalty is built, earned and retained with the following components; Product quality, Product attributes, Brand name, Store environment (relates to customer experience with the restaurant and restaurant's ambiance), Service quality, Price, Promotion, Trust and Satisfaction. In this industry, a loyal customer means the person who avail's a restaurant's services, is highly satisfied with them, has a pleasant customer experience with the place, trusts the restaurant to provide high quality good food, considers product/service attributes to be excellent, considers the product/service quality as high, considers price to be worth the product/service offering, rates promotional activities to be highly attractive and goes for the brand name created by the restaurant, like McDonalds (Nezakati, 13). For fast food firms, customer loyalty is when a particular customer revisits their restaurant again and again and repurchases their service. M oreover, these are the customers who visit the restaurant very frequently, for instance a customer who eats at the restaurant twice every week. They are happy customers who give a positive feedback when asked about the food and they give generous tips to the waiters. Customer loyalty is measured by the revenue generated from a particular customer, a regular customer whose name every waiter would know or who could be recognized by face (Rehman, 1-2). For customers, customer loyalty is the high level of satisfaction they receive from dining in a fast food restaurant. For them, customer loyalty is a product of high quality product/service that completely fulfills the customer expectations and satisfy their preferences or needs. For customers, to be a loyal consumer of a fast food restaurant's food, it is essential for the restaurant to provide them with a complete service experience. The ambiance of the place must be pleasant and enjoyable. Food must be of high quality and most importantly it must be hygienic and worth every penny they pay for it. The service must be prompt and efficient as customers do not like to wait a lot when it comes to food and restaurant staff must be hospitable and helpful since many at times customers ask for suggestions from the staff as to what they should order and what is the best dish they serve. So in a nutshell, for customers to be loyal they must be provided a high quality food service as for customers, customer loyalty is what an organization earns from the absolute satisfaction of a customer. It is all about meeting customer expectations and living up to them (Rehman, 1-2). To be more specific, companies and customers define customer loyalty by dividing it into two types; attitudinal loyalty and behavioral loyalty. Attitudinal loyalty is a state of mind a customer is in which displays a positive preferential attitude of the customer towards a company's products/services. It simply depends on the customers' liking , if they like a certain brand, like in this case if they love McDonalds, they will even pay a premium price to buy the product compared to its lower priced competitor, for instance KFC in this case. Behavioral loyalty is simply dependent on the customer's conduct without any consideration of their attitude or preference.

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