Friday, August 23, 2019

Pharmacological Approaches Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Pharmacological Approaches - Essay Example Hence the rationale behind the use of non-pharmacological approach to treatment of disorders is that in addressing the cause of the disorder through approaches like behavior modulation, the cause is either removed or reduced to provide respite to the individual from the disorder, instead of addressing just the symptoms. Besides the non-pharmacological treatment approach avoids the side effects of drugs employed in the pharmacological approach (King, Dudley, Melvin, Pallant & Morawetz, 2001). In Holistic medicine the treatment approach takes into consideration all aspects of the health of the patient, which includes physical, psychological, social, economic, and cultural factors. In holistic medicine emphasis is on the self-haling capacity of the individual, and is exemplified by the care giver providing the elements of security, lover, nurture and connection that promote the desire to heal oneself in the individual. Holistic medicine does provide a mix of traditional medical approach to treatment of a disorder, but the emphasis is not on the pharmacological element, but on the aspects of the individual that assist in removing the disorder (Zengerle-Levy, 2006). The advantage in this approach to treatment is that it takes the whole individual and the environment of the individual into consideration, and not just the symptoms and signs of the disorder and the targeting of them. It is quite possible that external factors have implications in the development and presence of the disorder, and a pharmacological approach does not take these factors into consideration. By this expanded approach a wider treatment range is brought into effect. In addition the encouragement of the individual to utilize the resources within the individual to aid in the treatment of the disorder better results is expected. Instilling a zeal for life through the realization of the mission in life and the quality of life brings into effect the inner resources of the

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