Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Introducing Walmart to Mobility Technology Term Paper

Introducing Walmart to Mobility Technology - Term Paper Example The proposal will aim at showcasing how Wal-Mart, is to benefit from the introduction of new mobility technology. Specific focus will be placed upon the benefits of introducing iPads into the entity’s stores, in terms of not only increased sales, but also market positioning, internal utility and conformity, as well as work-force enhancement. The development of the iPad has brought about many changes in the market today. It has not stayed for long in the market but has changed the way business is conducted. The device is stylish, technologically sound and portable meaning that it provides businesses with a wide variety of advantages. It has an ease of functionality and is efficient in its use making it popular among people of different ages. The iPad does not choose between people of different ages nor does it alienate any person from using it. In addition, the software and the applications that are used in the iPad make it easy for the masses to use it not only for personal reasons but also for business purposes. The continued massive growth witnessed in the 21st century, in terms of adoption and utility of such technologies all over the world, has led to a majority of business leaders wondering on the most effective means of positioning their firm-entities. As Baltzan (2013) portrays, this is in the aim of benefitting from this upsurge in technology use. Informative is the fact that in the contemporary arena, information technology has spread to all fields of business, thus the need for wholesome embrace and utility. Thus, understanding IT in general provides market leaders and management with greater insight into the endless possibilities in the business world (Baltzan, 2013). Apps are easy to connect with the target audience in a cost-effective and impactful way because of the portability of the device, the applications it supports and the costs of acquiring it also using it. As

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