Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Invastigation report Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

Invastigation report - Case Study Example In fact, he had been trained by the company on how to effectively operate a forklift. On the day Tina was involved in the accident: 13th/03/2012, at 2300hrs, Cox was doing his usual duty of pushing the forklift. However, as fate would have it, Tina had to suffer injuries which resulted from the falling of very many objects on her heels. This really caused a lot of pains to her as it made her to dislocate the arm and break her arm. Thus, it became apparent that she could not continue with her duties. However, the response of the company’s management was good because she was immediately rushed to the hospital thereafter. Fortunately, while all these incidences were happening, there was an eye witness who got an opportunity to observe whatever happened to Tina. This was Bryan Workman who, was at the time of the accident, was close to Tina and could see everything. Therefore, while conducting the investigations, each of these parties was involved in an interview. They were asked to give accounts of all that they saw during this incident. As an investigator, I had to rely on their narrations in order to enable me make a decision on this matter. From Tina who was of course, the injured party, I learnt that the incident cased a lot of pains to her. However, her conditions could not enable her to say exactly what happened. Meanwhile, Cox shed more light on how the accident occurred at a time when he was busy doing his normal duties. However, he attributed it to the fact that he was rushing to give Tina the items to inspect. The narrations of these people are consistent and convincing. For instance, after interviewing Tina at the hospital, I found out that the company had not done a lot regarding her condition. In fact, even her husband David had not been informed about her ordeal. Besides, the company had not sent any representative to check on her and take a report about her conditions. By acting in this manner, the management of this company

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