Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Organizational behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Organizational behavior - Essay Example However, when applying theories to human beings, society as a whole, how business is conducted, and to life experiences the value of the truth of theories can become a matter of perspective; there are so many variables it can be much more difficult. When presented with the theory that college students spend immense amounts of money and place themselves in ,massive debt in order to gain this education on a world of theories that are ultimately worthless; therefore making that time and effort wasted and education an overall scam (Geneen, 1984). This seems to be a vey arbitrary statement and self negating. If all theories are, as posed, are nonsense would that not include his own immediate theory that â€Å"theories† in general are worthless; would that not include his own? He negates his own position with his own statement. Students seeking their MBAs are taught all of the theories, not just for future application, but to teach the history of organization business behaviors have evolved. Learning them will gain you knowledge and high grades, even many of those theories prove impractical in some businesses settings. Today’s businesses are quite different from the types of businesses that were established in another era; they are more diverse, multi-cultural, and, sometimes, international in nature. Modern businesses must be as diversified and those they serve, as well as, those you employ and manage. Education has a great value. The efforts and expense of an education are not pointless. Theories are not worthless. If nothing else they are a lesson in different approaches and applications those theories, for better or worse, can be learned from. However, today they must be less rigid; they are not mathematical formulas where there is only one right answer. Some companies like someone well versed in the theories of business even if their application is limited within the business, while others prefer free thinkers not individuals that simply regurgitate

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