Friday, September 27, 2019

Interviewing a Member of a Hospital-Based Ethics Committee Essay

Interviewing a Member of a Hospital-Based Ethics Committee - Essay Example The questions asked in the interview require the following information; name and credentials of the interviewee, purpose and mission of the committee, general composition of the committee. Moreover, the interview found out the number of times meeting were adjourned, the typical meeting agenda, number of committee members and their roles, and lastly how emergent issues were handled. Introduction Hospital-Base Ethics Committee is a system in medical centers that controls the behaviors and characters of health workers in providing services to patients by applying moral principles. The ethics committees vary in diverse forms such as research-based committees that determine whether intended researches are ethically sound and safe. Case-oriented committees’ role involves giving advice on issues disturbing tranquility in medical centers (Derr, 2009). I conducted an interview to a member of the Ethical Committee in Yale-New Hospital on issues concerning the committee. Interview I conducted an interrogation with one of the members of Hospital-Base Ethics Committee, Dr. Kelvin Smith, a senior and esteemed doctor in Yale-New Haven Hospital situated in US. He is also the chairman of the Hospital-Base Ethics Committee, and has apt information for my answers. Dr. Smith is an enthusiastic and friendly individual who welcomed me comfortably and in a relaxed manner. The interview was conducted in his office at around ten o’clock in the morning. I had previously asked him to put forward 1 hour of his busy schedule for my interview, which he fortunately accepted. The following were the questions I asked and answers he replied; 1. What is your name and credentials? My name is Dr. Kelvin Smith, and I have admirable credentials because of my hard work I put in everything I carry out. I have a PhD in Medical Science from Harvard Medical University and two masters in Public Health and Business Administration. Moreover, I have a degree in Information Technology (IT) that I learnt earlier in my youthful years. One of the achievements I have made is being the best and influential doctor in Yale-New Haven Hospital. I also came second as the most successful doctor in the whole country in medical career. The above mentioned accomplishments are the esteemed achievements I have made, though there are other minor attainments since I started my career. 2. What is the purpose and mission of the committee? The purpose of the Hospital-Based Ethics Committee is to vet all the researches conducted in the hospital by ensuring that they are secure for the health workers and patients. The Ethical Committee also ensures that hospital programs and services are run ethically. This ensures that an intimate relationship exists between patients and health workers (Derr, 2009). The mission of the Ethical Committee states that â€Å"The Hospital-Based Ethics Committee aims at protecting the rights of the health workers and patients by implementing relevant ethical pri nciples.’ 3. How often does the committee meet? The Hospital-Based Ethics Committee holds meeting 2 times in a month. The first meeting is held in the first week while the second meeting is held at the last week of the month. The Hospital-Based Committee members’ ensure that all the issues affecting the hospital progression are discussed and handled amicably. 4. What is the typical meeting agenda? The typical meeting agenda of the meeting involves reshaping ethics structures in the hospital. The agenda always aims at improving and implementing the ethical principles in running the Yale-New Haven Hospital programs. The basis of the agenda is to ensure that health officers, workers, and patients understand the significance of

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