Monday, September 23, 2019

Eating Disorder Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Eating Disorder - Essay Example The second, as Bernard Shaw said, â€Å"Your food is your grave†. I am 23 years old and I have realized that sickness sells at premium and health is at discount. I have seen some of my friends suffer from eating disorders and bouts of depression. They neglect their studies, physically and mentally abuse themselves. I am convinced by observing the real-life examples of my friends that modern education system is one of the important agents to cause eating disorders amongst the combustible younger generation. Eat junk food and other types of fast foods at the wrong time. Eat without time consideration, whether you are hungry or not. On the other extreme, do not eat at all and starve with the sole idea to turn slim. Treat this as an invitation to the eating disorder. The youngsters and adolescent girls have lost the sense of discipline in food intake and have no diet-discipline. The influence of materialistic civilization on the youth is tremendous. The eating disorder impacts the ir personality and once into it, they will have a tough time to recoup the original health and become normal selves again. Newspaper, television and glamorous advertisements convey the wrong message to the adolescent girls that their bodies are imperfect and perfection can be attained with the help of fasting, diet and cosmetics. They render immense disservice to the culture of America with interference in the normal life of girls. Surgery and diet control measures are offered at fabulous prices with promise of reducing weight in short periods. Girls are lured into it, accept it without being aware of the side effects and suffer in the long run. These are some of the important causes for eating disorder, according to me. Eating disorder can be challenged and overcome. If you are a student, listen to the real life experience of the seniors, read literature that gives positive direction to conquer eating disorder and give your body the food it needs, neither less or more. Make a timet able, calorie-wise schedule of the food items that you are going to take and stick to it. My female cousin who stays in the same community at a distance of about a mile from my house has gone through this ordeal of eating disorder. Both families have close interaction, and we all meet quite often in social/family functions. The problem with the combustible younger generation, especially the adolescent girls, is that they are not willing to listen to the first-hand experiences of others. When she began to lose weight, I enquired of her what the issue was. Slimming was her only goal then and she was not inclined to adopt some golden rules of healthy lifestyle. I counseled for hours against her voluntary efforts to destroy her health, but she said that she enjoyed suffering but wished to get slimmer. This is the story of my stubborn cousin. She is an ardent devotee of the cult of thinness that has influenced the turbulent mindset of the young girls. I say turbulent, because even a marg inal increase in the body weight increases their tension. She is younger of the two daughters and they are a happy family. Somebody in the party told her, â€Å"You have put on weight,† and that is the beginning of her journey of worry†¦ I went on a posting to another city, and though I remained in contact with her over the phone, for a personal interaction with her I had to wait for about two years. When I returned back to the city, she expressed her eagerness to meet me urgently and she had a wealth of information to share with me about her sufferings for the last two years. â€Å"I am feeling much better now,† she said with a sigh. Here is her part of the story: â€Å"On listening to that one pound increase remark in the party two years ago, I really panicked. I came home and checked my weight, and the increase

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