Friday, July 26, 2019

Personal Statement - For Texas A&M admission Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

- For Texas A&M admission - Personal Statement Example This will aid me contribute positively to the global energy sector, and the society. Ever since my early years, I have always had a strong determination. This willpower has enabled me to succeed evenly in dissimilar fields. For instance, I have participated in science projects from my early education, a factor that has helped me develop and interest in engineering. In addition, I also used to take an interest when my father, a car fanatic, repaired his car. Despite this interests being unlikely for a girl, this foundation developed my interest in engineering influencing my inclination to be a petroleum engineer. I am ambitious and confident in my life endeavors. For instance, I do not shy away from the challenge of boys during science projects. I believe that girls can also have an impact in the field of engineering. This confidence has cultivated my ambition to be a petroleum engineer. I believe I have the necessary drive and ambition to succeed in this field. Still, for this to be a possibility, admission to this esteemed university is

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