Saturday, July 27, 2019

CVS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

CVS - Essay Example To keep growing its elderly client base, the areas that it should emphasize on include, optimal satisfaction, accuracy and speed, helpfulness and courtesy, and improve knowledge of the pharmacists. This way, the elderly population in need of confrontational services from qualified pharmacists can get personal advice with regard to understanding their personal health concerns, get consistent access to appropriate medication, receive customized services, and encounter short wait times. By engaging in these practices, CVS would be in a position to outperform major competing drug stores and address the needs of the elderly appropriately (Smart Retailing, 2014). To encourage older people to visit CVS Pharmacy, it should engage in practices that allow it to market its services actively to attract new clients. The store should lay emphasis on the advantages that its services bring in all the marketing activities it undertakes, mostly mailings, advertisements, and Internet marketing. For instance, allowing senior citizens to question their prevailing drug choice is vital in encouraging them to keep visiting the store. Although costs as well as convenience play a key role in determining the ways that older patients choose a pharmacy, care is a key determinant. Hence, it is vital for CVS to consider embarking on strong marketing through advertisements, mails, and other strategies that are appealing to old people. This way, the store would manage to ask whether clients are getting the care and convenience they need from the pharmacy (Smart Retailing, 2014). Promoting what makes a drug store unique is vital in encouraging senior citizens with medical problems to consume products from the pharmacy. The company can market low prices or 24/7 service provision. The pharmacy needs to play its key strengths as well as implement a messaging initiative to enforce the unique services it offers, such as service delivery

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